SH15: buenos días by Harry W. Walker III

SH15: buenos días by Harry W. Walker III


In August 2016, Harry W. Walker III traveled to Peru & documented his journey. Shooting film & digital, his images told their tale with an eloquence that went far beyond words. This is no quaint travelogue with pretty images aimed at moneyed tourists. Here you will see the raw reality of Peru today.

It’s easy – cruelly easy – to think that people are poor because they’re lazy. In reality, laziness has nothing to do with it. There’s always more to the story. In the case of many of the people in these photos, they were born into poverty, in impoverished regions. Many live in wooden shacks with tin roofs. The streets outside their homes are dirt roads. And yet in these conditions, they have carved out their lives.

In these images, you will see pride. You’ll see bright colors and smiling children at play. Their lives could be better, yes, but they do what they can with what they’ve got. Life goes on, and they have to work hard just to keep moving forward.

So many have so much less! Maybe I shouldn’t grow impatient when the line is long at the coffee shop, or if my internet service goes down for an hour or two. These photos have made me thankful for the abundance in my life.

by Mark McLaughlin

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