Silk House Sunday Mixes

Silk House Sunday Mix 03 - Emily Berregaard & M. Harrison 7/16/2017

Silk House Sunday Mix 02 - Angelo Harmsworth 6/18/2017

Silk House Sunday Mix 01 - Emily Berregaard & Lack 5/21/2017

The Lenses Used to View Women Series

JULY 2017:

The 3rd edition of the Lenses to View Women series presents "Liver Poems" - a poignant book of poetry by Marie Claire Bryant of Nambe', NM.

JUNE 2017:

The 2nd edition of the Lenses to View Women series presents Emily Berregaard's poetry in "Me as She" and looping saxophone with spoken word in "Don't Watch" 


MAY 2017:

The 1st edition of the Lenses to View Women series presents Ann Arbor, Michigan's Derek Felten, who portrays an often contentions topic in dry and facetious indifference as he limns God and her ghosts at the time of creation.

The short story, Monadology, is printed on 8x10 creamy cardstock and will appear in his collection of short stories, forthcoming from Silk House in August 2017.

regent by Brett A. Maddux

Silk House Publishing is officially sold out of 'regent' by Brett A. Maddux.

Remaining copies of the book can be found at Literati Bookstore & Nicola's Books.

Thank you to the hundreds of individuals who have supported Silk House + Brett Maddux's first publication.

Filming by Maya Ojalvo

Created by Maya Oren


We've teamed up with Thomson-Shore to create our first paper publication! We feel so lucky to work with a printer and bindery in our neck of the woods.


Photograph taken in August of 2016 during an inspiring tour of the printing plant in Dexter, Michigan.