Silk House Sunday Mixes

Silk House Sunday 10 - Event Cloak 04/01/2018

Silk House Sunday 09 - YlangYlang 03/11/2018

Silk House Sunday 08 - Derek Baron 1/28/2018

Silk House Sunday 07 - John Daniel 11/26/2017

Silk House Sunday 06 - David Wesley Sutton 11/05/2017

Silk House Sunday 05 - Theodore Cale Schafer 9/24/2017

Silk House Sunday 04 - Emily Roll & Fred Thomas 8/13/2017

Silk House Sunday 03 - Emily Berregaard & M. Harrison 7/16/2017

Silk House Sunday 02 - Angelo Harmsworth 6/18/2017

Silk House Sunday 01 - Emily Berregaard & Lack 5/21/2017

regent by Brett A. Maddux

Silk House Publishing is officially sold out of 'regent' by Brett A. Maddux.

Remaining copies of the book can be found at Literati Bookstore & Nicola's Books.

Thank you to the hundreds of individuals who have supported Silk House + Brett Maddux's first publication.

Filming by Maya Ojalvo

Created by Maya Oren


We've teamed up with Thomson-Shore to create our first paper publication! We feel so lucky to work with a printer and bindery in our neck of the woods.


Photograph taken in August of 2016 during an inspiring tour of the printing plant in Dexter, Michigan.